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Canada Benefit Group Toronto, ON, Canada
17 Nov, 2019
The Canada Benefit Group will help you from start to finish. After finding out if you qualify, we will guide you through the entire process.   This job involved the dispersion of DISABILITY TAX CREDIT checks to disabled citizens. We are recruiting temporary workers this winter to balance the high demand ahead this festive season. The Canada Benefit Group is searching for auxiliary workers this winter, no education qualification needed. As of 2018, CBG was the third largest public benefit plan in the nation, and holds $19.4 billion in assets. All terms are negotiable JOB DESCRIPTION *Courier *Pension fund moderator JOB REQUIREMENT *Citizens must be 18+   *Must possess valid ID and/or drivers license or any other form of ID   *Must NOT be disabled *Must have a VALID bank account *Must live in Canada *Must be able to handle MONEY with confidentiality. Job open till January 2019.
Data Workzone Québec, QC, Canada
15 Nov, 2019
This is an online and work from home job the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice,the pay is $15 per hour training is $10 per hour and you will be getting payed weekly via direct deposit and the maximum amount you can work a week is 45 hours. ,if you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee and not an independent contractor....If you are interested email me now or text (530) 487-4149 , text only please Thank you
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