Natural Farmworks is the first Canadian Tea Farm at grows and manufactures a superfood tea on 400-acres of organic land in the Kootenay-Boundary Region located in southeastern British Columbia. Our mission is to provide consumers with an alternate and better tasting way to consume nutrients that are abundant in supergreen foods such as barley and wheatgrass, so we have developed a high-quality tea, called Tea’d Greens (TM). Locally grown and harvested on our own organic farm, Tea’d Greens are made from the young green leaves of barley, wheat and oats and handcrafted into the varieties of Green, Oolong and Black Tea using traditional processing methods and equipment. Our leaves are hand-harvested and prepared in our on-farm tea-processing facility where small batches of tea varieties are further blended with certified organic herbs and spices to create a synergy that offers key health benefits.

British Columbia